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Wholesalers, Farmers, & Livestock All Love Our Alfalfa & Forage Products

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Dairy Alfalfa

Whether you’re a Commercial Hay Producer, Cattleman, Dairyman, or Hobby Farmer, we have the seed products bred and designed for you and your livestock. Gem State Seed is a Veteran-Owned seed company that supplies the Top-Yielding and Highest-Quality Alfalfa Seed & Forage Seed products on the market. We specialize in Alfalfa, Forage Grasses, Pasture Mixes, Summer Annuals, Cover Crops, and Small Grains. We are your seed experts.

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High Yielding Forage Grasses and Pasture Mixes for Grazing and Hay Production

For over 10 years, hay growers and seed dealers have relied on Gem State Seed for our elite seed genetics, exceptional knowledge, and expert guidance. You can count on us to deliver the Top-Producing forage seed varieties that are bred and developed for today's challenging conditions. Our High-Quality seed products perform exceptionally well in a wide range of soil types. They are designed to withstand heat and drought conditions, while providing an excellent forage canopy and barrier against unwanted weeds.

Alfalfa Seed

Alfalfa Varieties That Produce Epic Yields And Extreme Quality

Alfalfa is recognized as the “Queen of Forages,” and is the backbone of many forage systems. Our Top-Performing Alfalfa varieties grow nutrient dense forage, with higher yields and quality to maximize profits for your operation. Our varieties are bred and designed for where and how you farm. Whether your goal is Extreme Quality, Extreme Yield, Salt-Tolerance, or Drought-Tolerance, we have you covered.

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Gem State Seed Also Provides Small Grains & Cover Crops

In addition to supplying wholesale and retail alfalfa and forage seed to wholesalers and farmers, we also supply these great products as well. The cover crop and small grain seeds are all top-quality genetics that will increase yield and return. Contact us today to discuss the amount of cover crops or small grain seeds that you require for your operation.

Cover Crop Seed-GemStateSeed-Idaho

Cover Crops

Improves soil health and prevents soil erosion while controlling pests and diseases.

Wheat Seed-GemStateSeed-Idaho


Higher in protein than other feed grains. High starch content for a greater source of energy



High protein, easily digestible with higher forage yields than other cereal boot-stage grains.

Cereal Rye-GemStateSeed-Idaho

Cereal Rye

Used in cow and calf production to extend the grazing season or to provide early spring emergency forage.

Oat Seed-GemStateSeed-Idaho


Higher protein, high hull and healthy fiber content, great for young calves and older cattle.

Gem State Seed Is Proudly Veteran-Owned
Ryan Miles-USMC Recon-Gem State Seed
Ryan Miles-USMC Recon-Gem State Seed
Salt Tolerant Alfalfa-Ryan Miles

Ryan Miles, owner of Gem State Seed, is a former US Marine and private contractor in support of the War on Terrorism. Ryan was well respected in both fields, but decided to return home and pursue his interest in agriculture. Fast forward 10 years, and their wholesale and retail customer base are still growing rapidly due to the extreme quality of their products, and the unbeatable customer service that they provide. We proudly support our Nation's Armed Forces and Veterans!

Veteran Discounts Available

Grow & Feed Your Livestock The Best Alfalfa & Forage Hay From Gem State Seed

Gem State Seed is your trusted supplier of Alfalfa Seed, Forage Grasses, Pasture Mixes, Cover Crops and Small Grains. We've been providing these Top-Quality seed products to our dealers and end-use farmers for over 10 years. That’s why wholesalers, farmers & their livestock all love our seed products.

Alfalfa Seed-GemStateSeed-Idaho
Forage Seed-GemStateSeed-Idaho
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