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Our Forage Grass Seed Products and Pasture Mixes are a Great Choice for Livestock

The forage seed products we supply are high-yielding and extremely palatable, to keep your livestock healthy and happy.

Whether our top-performing forage seed products are being grown for hay, silage, greenchop, or pasture, the quality will be consistent from order to order.


Our Forage Seed Products Transform into Nutritious, High-Yielding Forage

They are packed with Vitamins and Minerals that your livestock require to remain at peak performance levels

Forage quality is defined as the capacity to supply nutrients and energy. These include calories (energy), protein, vitamins and minerals. Our forage seed products provide your livestock with the right amounts and balance to keep them healthy and happy.

Alfalfa Seed-Gem State Seed-Idaho

Long Lasting Forage Grasses That Survive and Withstand The Seasonal Changes

Spring Alfalfa Planting-Gem State Seed-Spring Seeding
Fall Alfalfa Planting-Gem State Seed-Fall Seeding

Our forage seed products are good for hay, pasture, and silage. Not only are they robust, but also long-lived, persistent, and control erosion. They even thrive well in summer heat and have a high drought-tolerance. For a long-lasting forage crop that’s easy to establish, remember Gem State Seed.

You Can’t Beat Our Pasture Mixes

Pasture-Mixes-Seed-Gem State Seed-Forage-Grass-Idaho
Pasture-Mixes-Seed-Gem State Seed-Forage-Grass

Our pasture mixes are a perfect blend of cool-season and warm-season species, designed to get continuous and maximum season-long forage production. They are loaded with nutrition and are extremely digestible. They are designed for, and can handle intensive grazing, stand persistence, and are disease resistant. They also produce high yields in a wide range of soil types and conditions, even in low lying areas with higher water tables. Our pasture mixes will provide excellent feed and high yields.

Save time and effort by not having to buy different seed products and blending your own pasture mixes

Strengthen Your Hay Operation with our Summer Annual Forage Products

To improve forage production during summer months when precipitation can be less than normal, order Summer Annuals from Gem State Seed. These seed products provide emergency forage, higher yields, higher quality hay and grazing pastures. Summer annuals can be an invaluable part of your forage operation. Prepare ahead, and contact Gem State Seed today.

  • Teff grass

  • BMR Sorghum X Sudan Hybrids

  • BMR Sudan X Sudan Hybrids

Contact Gem State Seed Today for the Best Forage Grass Seed & Pasture Mixes
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