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Alfalfa Seed from Gem State Seed Produces The Tonnage And Forage Quality You Deserve

Whether your needs are Extreme Yields, Extreme Quality, Drought-Tolerance, or Salt-Tolerance, we have you covered. We work closely with you to ensure the best-performing varieties are planted on your farm.

Alfalfa Seed-Gem State Seed
Extreme Quality Alfalfa-Gem State Seed-Idaho

Our Alfalfa Seed Products Make the Difference in Their Health and Your Pocket

The Alfalfa varieties that we supply create deep tap-root systems that make them more drought-tolerant and traffic-tolerant. This allows them to be utilized in a wide variety of soil profiles and climatic conditions, as well as increase stand-life. Our Alfalfa varieties can produce extreme yields and extreme forage quality hay, which is ideal for livestock that require that extra nutrition.

Alfalfa contains calcium, potassium, phosphorous, iron, and vitamins A, C, E, & K

Our Alfalfa Varieties Are Bred And Designed For Today's Challenging Conditions

Alfalfa Seed-Gem State Seed-Idaho

Gem State Seed has been providing quality alfalfa seed for over 10 years. You can trust that our alfalfa varieties and full product line will exceed your expectations when it comes to value and performance. Contact a Gem State Seed representative to discuss volume discounts, delivery scheduling, or any other aspects of our seed products.

The Many Uses & Value That Our Alfalfa Seed Can Provide

Best Alfalfa-Gem State Seed-Idaho
Top Alfalfa-Gem State Seed-Idaho

Alfalfa can be used for hay, silage, grazing, and pasture. It’s popular with hay producers because of its high-quality forage value that creates a perfectly balanced feed. It can also be harvested several times throughout a season. Mix alfalfa with forage grasses and use a rotational grazing method for even further value. Purchase alfalfa seed from Gem State Seed today and produce extreme yields and extreme quality, while providing a better feed for your customers or livestock.

Contact Gem State Seed For Your Alfalfa Seed Needs Today
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